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PPV's Holiday Gift Guide for Visually Impaired Children

The holidays are here! If you are shopping for a visually impaired/blind child, here are some things to keep in mind.

It’s no secret that it can be very hard to shop for children that are Visually Impaired or Blind. Many people don’t know what to gift our children, and sometimes we don’t even know what to gift our own children.

Partners for Pediatric Vision Family Specialist, Heather Dawson, complied a list to help you navigate the holiday season. Share this list with your family and friends to make shopping for your child much easier this holiday season!

Beeper Ball

Great for Teens who use echolocation, but also great for young children by encouraging them to seek the ball.

Ball with Bell Inside

Great for kids who love to make noise and are sensory seekers.

Crinkle Foil Balls

This is a great toy for kids who love textures or who might need to become more familiar with textures. They make a very fun sound while playing with them.

Baby Paper/Crinkle Paper

Great for texture and sound, this baby paper is very satisfying to listen to and to play with for children of various ages.

Foil Blanket/Emergency Blanket

Foil blankets are so much fun for making sound! They also have really cool reflections when combined with lights for our VI kiddos.

Alphabet Apple

This toy encourages learning the alphabet and words. It also teaches phonics.

Building Gears

Think about building blocks, but more intense. These GEARS encourage fine motor skills and critical thinking in order to put them together.

Transformer Style Letters

Great to encourage children to feel the shape of a letter and then feel how they will transform it into a robot.


Great way for kids to build without it constantly falling apart. Encourages independence by allowing them to immerse themselves in play.

Squeeze, Scoop, and Count Icecream shop

Count the Stars Numbers Slider

Learning Resources Rainbow Sorting Crayons

Great for learning about all of the different things that are associated with the colors of the rainbow. They are filled with items that allow VI children to feel and understand the meaning of the color.

Little Tikes Easy Score Basketball

Encourages exercise, gross motor, and play.

Rainbow Playground Ball for Kids

A fun ball to bounce or combine with a basketball hoop.

Special Supplies Vibrating Pillow

Great for the sensory seeker.

Marlowe & Co Indoor Sensory Therapy Compression Swing

It’s no secret that our kids like swings, the vestibular movement is so much fun!

Fisher-Price Preschool Pretend Play Medical Kit 

Encourages practice before going to doctor exams and can help prepare them by playing and understanding what might happen at the doctors office.

ORWINE Inertia Toy Early Educational Toddler Baby Toy Friction Powered Cars

Encourages fine motor skills, but also encourages small children to understand what a vehicle is and what it does.

Yoto Player Mini

Great toy for all kids, you can purchase cards to go with the player that plays audiobook or music.

Rainbow Pop Tubes

Great for making LOUD sounds, these tubes are sure to be a big hit.

Bead Maze with Suction Cups

Helps with fine motor skills, but can also be taken to the doctors office or restaurants. Suction it to the tables for instant fun.

Writing/Drawing Tablet

Great for the kids who like to draw or need encouragement.

Suction Cup Spinners

These are so great to put on a sliding glass door, car window, airplane windows, or even tables!

Sensory Pillow with Buckles

This is a fun pillow that encourages kids to practice buckles while also practicing their find motor skills.

Bag of Textures

Great for kids who need to understand different textures or who have issues with different textures.

Bop It

A fun toy to encourage critical thinking and memory.

Tactile Rubik’s Cube

Great for the young child or teen who loves to use their hands.

Fidget Slug Toy

A very satisfying toy for kids who like a little extra sensory seeking.

Pop Fidget Balls

Fun textures! Pop the fidgets and bounce the balls for extra fun.

Musical Instruments:


This is great for teens who like music, it attaches to a computer and allows them to create their own sounds.

Japanese Mouth Synthesizer

These are hilarious and fun AKA Otamatone (This is A MAJOR hit with most kids, these Otamatone’s make the funniest sounds and are so much fun).

Lyre Harp

Great for learning an instrument and using fingers. I would suggest this for an older child or teenager.

Thumb Piano

Encourages finger strength and learning a new instrument, take it with you on a trip as it’s portable.

Happy Harp

Encourages using fingers and learning a new instrument. Can be taken on a trip for extra fun.

Check our Heather's Amazon Storefront for more toys for visually impaired children!


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