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Experiencing the Magic of Swan Lake: Children with Vision Loss & Their Families Make Connections During PPV Event at Disney Concert Hall

Los Angeles, California -- Partners for Pediatric Vision invited families to experience the magic of Swan Lake Reimagined: Symphonies for Youth at Walt Disney Concert Hall on March 9, 2024.

Joanne Peterson (PPV Board Member), Diane Christian (PPV Executive Director), Cathi Lundy (PPV Major Donor)

Thanks to Partners for Pediatric Vision Board Member, Joanne Peterson who is also on the Boards of the Peninsula Committee for the LA Philharmonic and LA Philharmonic Affiliates, and Partners for Pediatric Vision Major Donor Cathi Lundy, who is on the Board of the Peninsula Committee for the LA Philharmonic, for arranging for free tickets for our families to attend this event.

There were arts and crafts activities before the performance, including making swan journals, bookmarks, wooden frames, and participating in a friendship circle.

Swan Lake Reimagined was inspired by Pyotr Tchaikovsky's timeless composition, but with a modern twist. The performance featured ballet dancers and the LA Philharmonic orchestra.

During the performance, our children smiled, danced in their seats and Penelope even "conducted" the orchestra from the balcony. Children who are part of the vision education and support services we provide have many types of vision loss with varying degrees of sight. Experiencing the rich and complex sounds of the orchestra was magical for all of our children and family members who will always remember their special day at the symphony.

Family events like these throughout the year give families of children with vision loss the opportunity to meet and connect with other families and new friends are made.

"Thank you for inviting us! It was a great event. Lucas has a difficult time making friends at school and this was a great opportunity to meet other families." - Nancy, Lucas' mom

"We were able to connect with other families since we are new to the area. All of these events are so inclusive. We were able to exchange numbers with other families. Thank you!" - Heaven, Monroe's mom

Families left the performance smiling from ear to ear!

Watch the video below to see more of the fun


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