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Does your child like to create art or dabble in science?
If so, we would love to see it!
Children with Low Vision are invited to participate in our 
Through Our Eyes Creativity Project. 
Contact Us to submit your child's creation to be included on our website.


Holiday tree & snowman

Happy Holidays by Ben


Altamura Winery oil painting by Karena

Nathaniel thank you happy holidays

Happy Holidays by Nathaniel

Lee family happy holidays

Happy Holidays by the Lee Family

Alexa happy holidays
Issabella happy holidays

Happy Holidays by Issabella

Bunny with Glasses drawing

Bunny with glasses by Nathaniel

"Magical Rainbow Bank"

"Magical Rainbow Bank" by Karena

Avery's Drawing
Ezzie Reindeer 2021

Reindeer by Ezzie

Happy Holiday Unicorn

Happy Holidays by Issabella

Isabella's Unicorn

Rainbow Unicorn by Issabella

Merry Christmas Aliyah

"Merry Christmas" by Aliyah

"Alien of Science" by Karena

"Alien of Science" by Karena


"Gundam" by Parker

"Bee Happy"

"Bee Happy" By Nathaniel

"Flower of Creation"

Flower of Creation by Karena


"Dogman" by Nathaniel

Stars by Ezzie
Happy Valentines Day

By Jayon and Ezzie

Aaron Day of the Dead

"Day of the Dead" by Aaron

Aliyah self portrait with glasses

"Aliyah" self portrait with glasses.

Making Cookies Odest

"Making Cookies" by Odest

Cinderella Aliyah

"Cinderella" by Aliyah

Flowers by Kaley

"Flowers" by Kaley


"Painting Party" by Aaliyah

Unicorn Rainbow Aliyah

"Unicorn Rainbow" by Aliyah


"Rainbow" by Kaley

Happy Halloween - Aaron

"Happy Halloween" by Aaron


"Turkey" by Kaley

Aaron's Drawings

Day of the Dead by "Aaron"

Science Experiment Nicholas

"Science Experiment" by Nicholas

Lady of Angel Aliyah

"Lady of Angel" by Aliyah

Happy Halloween Aaron

"Happy Halloween" by Aaron


"Cheetah" by Kaley

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