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PPV Hosts 17th Annual Low Vision Awareness Experience at John Thomas Dye School

Los Angeles, California -- On April 23, 2024, Partners for Pediatric Vision staff, educators, and volunteers gathered at the John Thomas Dye School in Los Angeles for their 17th Annual Low Vision Awareness Experience. Bringing this simulated experience to the first graders at John Thomas Dye School is part of the school's disability sensitivity curriculum and philanthropic commitment.

This year, PPV set up six different stations and experiences for first grade students, who wore special eye masks that simulate different types of visual impairments.

PPV Executive Director Diane introduced the students to mobility canes. They learned the proper way to hold a cane and how to move the cane from side to side using the tip to detect differences in surfaces and obstacles.

Our Lead Family Specialist, Rosanna, and Bilingual Family Specialist, Mackenzie, showed the students how to use the low vision devices, such as handheld magnifiers, dome magnifiers, a slant board for reading and writing, a monocular telescope for distance viewing, and an iPad with text-to-speech applications.

Students were eager to meet Pam and her 9 year old guide dog, Franklin. Pam explained to the first graders about the skills and tasks guide dogs can perform for their visually impaired owners.

Gary Asano, O.D., talked to the students about what happens during a low vision eye exam and the different types of visual conditions that require this specialized vision care. Dr. Asano is a PPV volunteer and donor and a Low Vision Rehabilitation leader, teacher, researcher and speaker.

PPV Family Specialist, Heather, led the "Braille Abilities" station where she showed students the Braille alphabet and helped them decode a message.

Volunteers Jane and Barry Gerber led the "Bear Buddies" craft station and helped the students stuff bright fabric bears and dogs. After stuffing the adorable animals, the first graders wrote messages to the PPV children who will receive these sweet gifts at eye exams or in a care package.

PPV's Rosanna, Volunteers Jane and Barry, PPV's Helen and Tori, Volunteer Pam and her guide dog, Franklin, PPV's Mackenzie, Heather and Diane, and Dr. Gary Asano, O.D.

The John Thomas Dye School generously donated $1,500 to add to PPV's John Thomas Dye School fund that helps cover the cost of glasses and devices for families in need.

Children like Robby have benefitted from the John Thomas Dye School fund, which was used to help pay for his new glasses during a recent eye exam at University Eye Center Los Angeles. Robby and his brother Franky receive services from PPV. Their myopia is being monitored closely and wearing glasses is critical for their clarity of sight and preventing eye strain and headaches. Our partnership with John Thomas Dye School provides children with specialized exams and glasses that help maximize their sight.

Please visit our Donate page to contribute to The John Thomas Dye fund that is Keeping Kids in Sight:


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