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Partners for Pediatric Vision Announces Receipt of $50,000 Grant From The S. Mark Taper Foundation

Partners for Pediatric Vision is honored to announce that our organization is a recipient of a $50,000 grant from the S. Mark Taper Foundation for 2024. The award is providing funding to match families of children with visual impairment with one of our Vision Educators to help identify vision concerns and provide the education, intervention, support and access to specialized services that maximize learning and assure a healthy childhood. These critical partnerships nurture the emotional adjustment of our families during a time of high stress and need, further loss of sight and eye disease can be prevented, learning success and independence are achieved and parents become informed advocates with hope and direction for their child’s future.


With the support of the S. Mark Taper Foundation grant, Partners for Pediatric Vision will provide early pediatric eye care with parent education and support services that result in improved outcomes for children with visual impairment, their families and the communities that serve them. Support from the S. Mark Taper Foundation will also help ensure that community agencies and health care providers have a greater understanding of when and how to refer a child for vision services, so that families know what can be done to help their child during the critical period around diagnosis.


Partners for Pediatric Vision extends our heartfelt gratitude to the S. Mark Taper Foundation for its generous gift that will allow us to continue our mission to turn possibilities into achievements for children with visual impairment and their families.


Founded in 1989, the S. Mark Taper Foundation is a private family foundation dedicated to enhancing the quality of people’s lives by supporting nonprofit organizations and their work in their communities. 


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