Low Vision Devices Level the Playing Field for Children with Vision Loss

Low vision is defined as “a permanent loss of vision that won’t improve with eyeglasses, medicine or surgery.” If a child has any degree of vision loss, low vision devices can make a life-changing difference. Magnifiers, telescopes, iPad and Android apps, slant boards, large print keyboards, task lighting and more have the potential to help a child with visual impairment use their remaining vision to overcome learning challenges and succeed. Women Helping Youth has provided generous funding for a variety of these beneficial devices for each Partners for Pediatric Vision Family Specialist to demonstrate as part of a child's eye exam. If our partner doctors recommend specific devices, we help

Bringing Movies to Life for Children with Vision Loss

Many children with vision loss have difficulty following movies because of their inability to see what is on the screen. Remarkably, audio description technology transforms the visual experience by providing extra verbal narration of visual elements happening in the film that a person with vision loss might not notice or realize. Partners for Pediatric Vision 's annual Bringing Movies to Life event is an opportunity for the children with visual impairment who receive our services to enjoy "watching" a movie with family and friends thanks to audio description of the movie through headsets. On December 8th, 2019 thanks to the generosity of Krikorian Buena Park Metroplex, 17 children with visi

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