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Who we are...

Partners for Pediatric Vision is a non-profit organization that offers vision education and support to families who have questions about how to help their child with visual impairment by phone, video and telehealth calls. In addition, we are available to sit in on pediatric vision exams to help families understand how their child is using functional vision and ways to accommodate for vision loss.

Partners for Pediatric Vision staff have experience and training in assessing the unique learning needs of babies, young children and teens with visual impairment. Our team of Vision Educators demonstrate what can be done to compensate for reduced sight at the time of diagnosis and throughout childhood. We provide care coordination amongst a network of community professionals to link children with visual impairment and their families to education, social services and medical care. Our goal is to help families access the information and services they need to help their child

adapt to vision loss and succeed.​​

Who is eligible?

Partners for Pediatric Vision is a free education and support service available to families of children birth to eighteen years of age.

Simply contact Partners for Pediatric Vision by phone, email or through our website. Our education and support services are provided in English and Spanish at no cost to families thanks to individual, foundation and corporate grants and donations.

What kinds of services are provided?

  • Information about a child's visual impairment and how it impacts overall development

  • Demonstration of intervention that may include the use of iPad apps, low vision aids and technology

  • Education and suggestions about how to help children and families adapt to visual impairment

  • Resources and referrals to educational programs, doctors, therapists, agencies and professionals who specialize in working with visually impaired children

  • Emotional support including answering questions and discussing concerns

  • Parent support groups in English and Spanish

  • Collaboration with service providers, teachers, doctors, etc. in order to provide education about visual impairment to the professionals working with a child

  • Invitation to family events such as our annual Family Workshop and Build-A-Bear event

  • A support and education partnership to help families throughout their child's development from birth to age 18 

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