How do the Vision Educators at Partners for Pediatric Vision and the Eye Doctors work together?

​​Pediatric eye doctors specialize in diagnosing visual impairment and if glasses, surgery or other visual aids may be beneficial. Doctors with training in Low Vision specialize in determining the extent of a child’s functional vision. They prescribe glasses or other low vision devices like hand held or video magnifiers or telescopes to allow a child to use their vision to the greatest extent possible. 


Our partner eye doctors also provide recommendations for how to help a child strengthen the use of their vision in cases where vision can improve. During the exam, our Vision Educators provide suggestions and demonstrate activities that help children with learning accommodations. Families are given information, resources and guidance about their child's diagnosis and follow up education and support services are ongoing until a child turns 18.

Vision Educators currently work alongside Low Vision Optometrists at these pediatric eye clinics:

Children’s Retina Institute

7447 N. Figueroa St.

Los Angeles, CA 90041

(323) 257-3937

University Eye Center at Ketchum Health

5460 E. La Palma Ave.

Anaheim, CA  92807

(714) 463-7500

University Eye Center at Ketchum Health 

3916 S. Broadway

Los Angeles CA 90037

(323) 234-9137

Dr. Bill and Dr. Desi
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Here's what our partner pediatric doctors say about working with PPV:


“We love working with PPV! The Vision Educators provide a value-added experience for our patient’s as well as valuable support services for parents.  Partners for Pediatric Vision provides such amazing follow-up for our families and brings a closer connection to our clinic and the services we provide. Additionally, our collaboration helps our young doctors learn the educational perspective needed to treat children with visual impairment and understand how to work closely with early interventionists and school districts to provide necessary services. It’s a wonderful partnership and it has changed the way we work with families."

Catherine Heyman, O.D., F.A.A.O.

Associate Professor, Assistant Dean for Student Affairs,

Southern CA College of Optometry Marshall B. Ketchum University

 "Partners for Pediatric Vision (PPV) has been an invaluable asset to our pediatric low vision patients and their families. PPV provides families the resources to implement our management recommendations by connecting patients with the recommended vision services and low vision aids. Having a PPV staff member on site during the low vision evaluation allows PPV to connect with families and provide a helping hand to the patients after the exam. PPV has made a tremendously positive impact on our patients; they are left with a stronger understanding of their diagnosis, a road map to receiving the vision services they need, and a feeling of empowerment.  I feel it is necessary for any low vision optometrist to work with an organization like PPV when managing low vision patients as they have become an integral part of our management team. They are a unique resource in the pediatric low vision community and we are so fortunate to have the opportunity to collaborate with such a

compassionate and capable group.”

Desi Akhamzadeh, O.D.

Pediatric Optometry and Vision Therapy 

University Eye Center at Ketchum Health Los Angeles


"Our partnership with PPV enhances our clinical care and makes it more holistic in that PPV can take the time to follow up and guide the families on additional needs and answer questions that may not always arise during our exam. It gives the family time to process the exam and discussion, to think of questions and to become more familiar with the systems surrounding low vision care. I believe this is critical to maximizing a child with low vision’s empowerment and their family's success in adapting to raising a child with visual impairment."

Melissa Contreras, O.D., MPH, F.A.A.O.

Clinic Director 

University Eye Center at Ketchum Health Los Angeles