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What Families Say About PPV

"Diane from PPV was there and met us and greeted us so warmly, and that was the first time in 10 years I finally understood what my daughter's vision was."

"I would like to say that I am grateful for what Partners for Pediatric Vision has done for Emily and my family.  I would like to share how as a parent with no guidance I was given hope not only with emotional support but with numerous resources to support Emily's journey. I feel that you are passionate human beings that are dedicated to not just helping families with resources, but you are truly devoted to reaching out and touching hearts."

Sandra, Emily's Mother

Aaron M.
“Thank you for your generous support. There have been a lot of additional expenses that have come with having a child with so many medical complexities that it can be hard to pick and choose what to put on the 'back burner' for another time. Thank you for helping us not have to do that with his eyesight. We can’t wait to get a pair that fits perfectly!”

Adriana, Aaron's Mother 

"When you first called, my tank was empty.  After talking to you my tank is full!"

"A few days after birth my son was diagnosed with Optic Nerve Hypoplasia, I was so worried because I wasn't familiar with this condition. At 8 months old he began being followed by Partners for Pediatric Vision. They put my worries at ease. He is now almost 3 years old and clearly his vision issues don't keep him down. Thank you all for your care & compassion."
“PPV has given us a safe space to confide with others as parents of blind/visually impaired children. You have been the best resource for getting Jett what he needs and being there for us as well. We love PPV.”
Murillo Rojas Jose accessibility settings 7-24-23-1.jpg
“Thank you for everything you do for my son. I do not know much about low vision, but I know he will be okay because of what you are doing for him. I do not know how to use his iPad, so thank you for changing the settings so he can see better.”

Karina, Jose M.'s Mother 

"I was referred to your team and the doctors and Family Specialists have been an absolute pleasure to work with.  Our Family Specialist has been so amazing providing us with her knowledge and resources over the years.  She has been very supportive and is loved by our family.  In fact, she is like family. I could not ask for a better organization."  

Fernanda, Mason's Mother

“With both boys having this condition It feels like I have bricks on my shoulders. But every time I talk to you
a brick is being lifted.
I felt like I wasn’t being heard before I met you.”
“Honestly, today was amazing. At birth, they gave us a worst-case scenario about Aliyah’s
prognosis. We were told it would be very difficult if not impossible for her to do things like these.
For her to be able to have these opportunities amongst kids going through the same thing, it is an
amazing experience.”

Steven, Aliyah's Father 

"Partners for Pediatric Vision has been an incredibly helpful resource for our family. Everyone is so kind and they have connected us with the care our twin sons need. Both of our sons have ROP and thanks to PPV, one of them has already been to the developmental optometrist and gotten glasses. His glasses have totally changed his outlook and it has been so sweet to watch him take in the world with more clarity.”

Rachel, Calum and Cade’s mom

"The first time I walked out of your office was the first time that I felt that I had all of my questions answered."

"You were able to talk to my son in a way that he opened up for the 1st time to discuss his visual impairment.  You guys did a fabulous job in caring for my son and providing me with information which has been so helpful and encouraging for me. Thank you for all the wonderful things you do."​

"We want to say thank you so much to the PPV organization.
You have impacted our lives so much with knowledge about being a visually impaired child and tools to help.”

Denise, Adam and Noah's Mother 

Godinez Ezekiel wearing glasss 1-26-24-2 3.jpg
"I am thankful for PPV and helping with glasses and exam fees. We were so nervous for the exam and Mackenzie was there to help us. He is doing great with his glasses and I appreciate all the resources and support.”

Claudia, Ezekiel's mother

"Thank you again for everything. Karly is such a sweet, sweet baby and I feel like I've spent most of her life trying to convince other people who are supposed to be helping us protect and nourish her, that her learning matters, that intervention now can make a huge difference in her future. Thank you for the "Yes's" instead of "No's."

We are just ecstatic to get an official start to her vision journey!"

"Thank you for continuing to keep Aiden a priority. As his mother it helps to know its not me against the world.​"

Aiden's Mother

Screen Shot 2024-02-05 at 9.13.58 AM.png

"Thank you so much for helping my son with his high prescription glasses. He’s such a happy boy now and is able to achieve a lot more in school. Thank you so much for all you do. Please continue doing what you’re doing to help children on their vision needs."  

Tanya, Franky's Mother 

“Tori and Diane have been amazing from our first encounter. We were overwhelmed and were unsure on how Addy’s diagnosis and being 'legally blind' were going to affect her everyday life. They sought out information about her condition and sent her tools to assist her with her daily tasks. Their guidance has helped me become an observant participant in Addy’s journey. I have called upon Diane numerous times when I have been in despair. She has always been and continues to astound me with her knowledge, patience, comfort and support. Thank you for your exceptional guidance and boundless efforts in advocating for those with visual impairments. PPV is amazing!”

Wendy, Addy's grandmother

Karly's Parents

Jacob's Father

Georgia's Mother

Jose's Mother

Rahsheeda, Carter's Mother

Aria, Aubrey's Mother

“ PPV has helped me by feeling a part of a community of moms who have been in my shoes. I look forward to the support groups provided every month. My Family Specialist has also provided Isaac with a Little Room and a handmade textured playmat that helps Isaac stay engaged."

Denise, Adam and Noah's Mother 

Jackie, Isaac’s Mother

Heather, Jett's Mother 

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