Donated Technology Changes Young Lives

In the last month, two Video Magnification systems also called CCTV's (closed circuit television) were donated to children receiving services from Partners for Pediatric Vision. What seems like a simple gesture can make a life changing difference in the lives of our children with visual impairment. Santiago is six and was struggling to read for extended periods of time due to a diagnosis of high myopia. As soon as his family set up the CCTV his mother sent an email to tell us, "I can’t thank you enough for the CCTV!! It’s already been amazing to watch Santiago work with it! He drew for HOURS in a workbook yesterday and read a few books with it this morning! He usually is done with reading or

Experiencing Low Vision as a First Grader

May 14, 2018 was a busy day for the first graders at John Thomas Dye School. For 11 years in a row, Partners for Pediatric Vision has provided a Low Vision Experience as part of the 1st grade service learning curriculum. Masks are made for each child to wear that simulate visual conditions that result in a loss of central or peripheral vision, blind spots or blurred vision such as retinal detachments, cataracts, or optic nerve damage. When the children wear their masks, they go from fully sighted to partially sighted and must navigate the stations with tunnel vision or visual field loss, blurred or reduced vision. At the “Eye-Mazing” station, students learn from a Pediatric Optometrist what

Thanks to our Major Donors for Keeping Kids in Sight, June 24, 2018

Our major donors share our commitment to directly impact the trajectory of a child’s life. On a beautiful sunny afternoon by the sea, our staff and Board had the opportunity to thank them for supporting our vision education and support services with a wine and appetizer reception. Dr. Bill Takeshita, our Parent Educator and pioneer in Developmental Low Vision, spoke about the powerful impact of the partnership between Partners for Pediatric Vision and pediatric eye doctors. Funding from our major donors, individuals, foundations and corporations paid for services that helped over 350 children in 2017 learn to use their remaining vision and overcome the challenges of vision loss. Guests had a

Building More Than Just Bears: A Day of Friendship and Fun for Children with Visual Impairment and S

On April 29th, 2018, children and families receiving services from Partners for Pediatric Vision met sighted peers from the Junior Vista’s at the Del Amo Mall Build a Bear in Torrance. Then the fun began. Each child with visual impairment from Partners for Pediatric Vision was paired up with sighted Junior Vistas peers with the goal of creating their very own stuffed animal to take home. The Junior Vistas walked their buddy to the stuffing machine and then to a series of stations where they helped to describe the hundreds of outfits and accessories to choose from. Next they dressed and decorated the stuffed animals together. By the end of the event, there were brightly dressed super hero bea

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