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2023 Wine and Dine in Napa to Keep Kids in Sight

Napa, California -- Partners for Pediatric Vision held our 3rd Wine and Dine to Keep Kids in Sight fundraiser on May 20th, 2023 in Napa, thanks to our generous sponsors Frank and Karen Altamura. Attendees gathered at the Altamura's Yountville restaurant Ciccio for a fabulous dinner paired with their sought-after wines. Sunday morning, the Altamura’s greeted everyone at their gorgeous ranch with a beautiful brunch and wine tasting.

John Crowley, Board member Barbra Zukerman, Mo Crowley and Karena Crowley

Mo and John shared their experiences as parents who found Partners for Pediatric Vision when their daughter Karena was two. Now ten-year-old Karena Crowley captured everyone’s hearts with her special message of inspiration about overcoming the challenges of Cerebral Visual Impairment and the goals she has set for herself. No one doubts Karena will accomplish great things. As a thank you to our hosts Frank and Karen Altamura, Karena worked with an art teacher to create her very first oil painting of the yellow house at their winery. An electronic video magnifier given to Karena by Partners for Pediatric Vision helped Karena enlarge a photo of the yellow house and made it possible to see the details as she painted.

Attendees Lori Baldwin, Song Klein and Lauren Phan with Tori Schladen

Attendees Lance and Debora Tomlin

Guests came from Napa, Southern California and beyond. Thanks to the generosity of our attendees and those who donated in lieu of attending, $100,000 was raised for our vision education and support services. Cheers to our supporters!

Attendees Zach Zachowski and Barbara Gabel, Host Frank Altamura and attendee Jim Schladen

PPV Founder Tori Schladen with attendees Austin Zukerman and Song Klein

PPV Executive Director Dr. Diane Christian, Attendees Carey Topham, Stacey Bosley, Norma Carrillo and Randy Steinberg with PPV Founder Tori Schladen

Attendees Greg and Katy Laetsch, Bob Fullerton, Lauren Phan, Dave and Song Klein and Lori and Dave Baldwin

PPV Board members Barbra Zukerman and Joanne Peterson, Tori Schladen, Karena Crowley, Host Frank Altamura, Diane Christian, PPV Board member and parent, Mo Crowley

Karena Crowley and Frank Altamura

Help us support children like Karena and her family and receive a packet of Karena’s notecards as our thank you.


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