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Music Lessons Inspire Children with Vision Loss

Volunteers of Notes Bring Hope, a charitable arm of Asia American Symphony Association (AASA) shared their love of music with eight visually impaired children and their families who receive services from Partners for Pediatric Vision. It was a busy morning including ukulele instruction from AASA volunteers, followed by a group performance by the children, lunch and a tour of the Western Museum of Flight. The children were given ukuleles to keep thanks to the Guitar Center Foundation so that they can practice and share their music with friends and family.

Partners for Pediatric Vision’s Executive Director, Tori Schladen shares "The Notes Bring Hope experience had a positive impact on the children’s self-esteem, developing their coordination, rhythm and concentration. Not to mention the fun and meaningful social interaction that took place amongst the children, their peers, siblings, families and volunteers. It was an uplifting event that will have a long-lasting impact on the lives of children who face barriers every day. It was a time to shine, overcome challenges and achieve success. We are very grateful for the generosity of the Asia American Symphony Association and the Guitar Center Foundation. You have brightened the lives of our children and families and inspired future musicians! "

Participant Levi's mother Jennifer added: " My son loved the ukulele class. He loved to hear everyone singing and strumming on the ukulele to make noises with his hands. It was so generous of the program to offer a ukulele to each of the students as a gift. The teachers, all volunteers, made it a very special experience and spent time with each student. It was also really fun to get to see all the airplanes after. Wonderful experience!"

Participant Mia, age 6, added: " I liked the music.” Mia's grandmother replied: " Being able to share the experience and meet families of other children with visual impairments was the best part."

If you are a parent of a child with visual impairment who is interested in events like Notes Bring Hope, please contact us for future opportunities at: 323 612-8185 or email us:

Find out more about the Asia American Symphony Association at:

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