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Donated Technology Changes Young Lives

In the last month, two Video Magnification systems also called CCTV's (closed circuit television) were donated to children receiving services from Partners for Pediatric Vision. What seems like a simple gesture can make a life changing difference in the lives of our children with visual impairment. Santiago is six and was struggling to read for extended periods of time due to a diagnosis of high myopia. As soon as his family set up the CCTV his mother sent an email to tell us, "I can’t thank you enough for the CCTV!! It’s already been amazing to watch Santiago work with it! He drew for HOURS in a workbook yesterday and read a few books with it this morning! He usually is done with reading or writing after a very short time because he gets so fatigued straining his body and his eyes. It made my heart so happy to watch him; Thank you so much! And thank you to the donor - please let her know it is in good hands."

Brooklyn, who is also six years old, was given a donated CCTV last month. Brooklyn has congenital glaucoma and can only see very large letters. This technology makes it possible for Brooklyn to see letters and words large enough so she can learn to read in print and not have to rely only on learning Braille. Brooklyn's family is so grateful that someone thought to offer a CCTV to Partners for Pediatric Vision and that they were the ones to receive it. The donor of Brooklyn's CCTV is touched by her story and shared: "I am sitting here with tears of joy in my eyes. I had so hoped I would be able to bring support and comfort to someone also struggling with low vision issues. I am particularly thrilled that Miss Brooklyn will benefit and continue to grow into a productive adulthood with the aide of my small donation. Please continue your wonderful good work and thank you again for sharing Brooklyn’s story with me."

If you or someone you know would like to help us change lives with donations of used low vision technology, please send your information to us through our contact page or please visit our donate page to contribute and help us Keep Kids in Sight.

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