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Giving the Gift of Sight

Partners for Pediatric Vision along with Sight Savers America (SSA) and pediatric low vision clinics at Ketchum Health University Eye Center and Western University Eye Care Institute presented video magnification devices to 11 of our children with visual impairment and their families on November 29th and 30th, 2017. The children who received the devices have different eye conditions resulting in low vision or legal blindness (20/200 or less). The new Onyx HD Electronic Video Magnification (EVM) system from Freedom Scientific allows them to enlarge print and enhance contrast to make reading and writing easier, faster and less tiring.

Inglewood resident Lilly Guzman, 11, said the EVM will help her play with her Lego Friends.

“This will help tremendously. She can do everything with it, from painting her nails to reading her math book to building her Lego systems,” said Lilly’s mother, Julie Croff. “There are so many things she wasn't able to see that she'll now be able to see. It's amazing.”

Ladera Ranch resident Erin Spinello brought her son, Cade, 11, who has a brain tumor between his optic nerves. She was impressed with how the Sight Savers America case specialist approached Cade in a friendly manner and used a hands-on approach.

“I saw a spark in his eye. If he’s excited about it, he's going to use it,” Erin said. “Having children with special needs is extremely expensive, so we’re really blessed by this donation. It’s allowing us to give Cade a better life. To do that for families is unbelievable.”

Michelle Littleton, SSA Grants Manager, Tori Schladen, PPV Executive Director, Cade Spinello and his mother Erin, Beth Moore, PPV Family Specialist.

Partners for Pediatric Vision had been providing vision education and support services to Lilly and Cade's and all our recipient families for many years and we jumped at the opportunity to connect our families with Sight Savers America through our partner eye clinics. Sight Savers America raises the funding to pay for the EVM's and provides training to each child and family. The clinics were made possible by generous funding from the Karl Kirchgessner Foundation, the Million Dollar Round Table Foundation, the Charles and Mildred Schnurmacher Foundation, and VFO. It was an unforgettable day.

“This makes my life so much easier,” Mackenzie said. “I'll use it for reading, homework and lots of other stuff. This is a real Christmas gift. I'm very thankful for a device like this.”

Emily Rubalcava with her father Israel and Tori Schladen. Emily's family has been receiving services from Partners for Pediatric Vision since 2015, when Emily's vision began to decrease. She is an outstanding student and uses low vision technology and Braille to achieve academic success.

“The CCTV that was given to me by Sight Savers of America has been extremely helpful to me. I have been able to use my CCTV to read sheet music, school work, books and to view pictures. “

Judah and his mother Andrea are learning how to magnify Judah's favorite games on the iPhone, making it easier for him to see and play.

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