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Thanking Major Donors with Impact Stories

Sunday, June 5, 2022 was a beautiful day to thank Partners for Pediatric Vision Major Donors at an afternoon reception in Palos Verdes. Donors, guests, partner doctors, and our parent speaker Aria Davis gathered to recognize the impact of PPV's services on the lives of children with visual impairment and their families.

Aria regaled the attendees with her beautifully impactful story of how PPV is helping her children, Berkeley and Aubrey, experiencing the challenges of vision loss.

Mom of Berkeley and Aubrey, June 5 speaker Aria Davis, with Dr. Chaitali Mukherjee

Three year old Berkeley experienced damage to the parts of his brain that process vision. His PPV Vision Educator demonstrated how objects that are solid yellow and red are easier for him to see. Berkeley was given a Light Box full of colorful, reflective, and lighted items to stimulate his visual development.

Families like Berkeley’s rely on low vision exams and education more than ever as the pandemic continues to interfere with where and how often they receive the services they need. To each and every donor who supports Partners for Pediatric Vision, thank you for helping PPV create success, independence, and hope for vulnerable children.

Many children with vision impairment are also diagnosed with other disabilities. Aria Davis's other child, thirteen year old Aubrey as well as her brother Berkeley also have Autism. Partners for Pediatric Vision works with low vision pediatric eye doctors who can patiently and accurately examine children with special needs like Aubrey and Berkeley. Read more about the assistance PPV provided below...

Some of the June 5 attendees...

Jerry Marcil, Charlie Peterson, Mike McKinney, Albro Lundy

Josh & Kate Carroll and Tom & Lori O'Hern

Jeff Zukerman, Michael Schladen

Cathi Lundy, Susie McKinney, Austin Zukerman

Lucia Bucklin, Barbra Zukerman, Song Klein

Lisa Noski, Susie McKinney, Joanne Peterson, Austin Zukerman, Kate Carroll, Tori Schladen

Tori thanks attendees

Supporters gather

Arlo Sorensen, Aria Davis

PPV Executive Director, Diane Christian, PPV Bilingual Vision Educators Makenzie Bello-Ponce and Rosanna Sandoval surround Dr. Catherine Heyman.

Patti Severa, Albro & Cathy Lundy

Impact stories along with low vision devices made possible by PPV donors

Low vision devices made possible by major donors

Carol Marcil tries a hand held video magnifier with PPV Vision Educator Mackenzie Bello-Ponce.

Aria Davis's Impact Story continues...

Our Vision Educator was at the kids' eye exams and demonstrated a light box for Berkeley to help him focus his visual attention, and a slant board and magnifier and an electronic video magnifier for Aubrey who is determined to read independently.

Aubrey is an eager student, but her teachers struggle to understand how much her vision loss and visual processing interfere with her learning. Berkeley attends to lighted and high contrast objects only at this time and unique visual modifications are needed to enhance his learning. Our Vision Educator works with their teachers to make all the necessary accommodations that Aubrey and Berkeley need to succeed.

"Because of this great organization, I now know what my son sees. I am very appreciative of the abundant amount of support that you have given my family. Not every organization understands how to help families with children with visual impairment, but you do. You are a breath of fresh air!" - Berkeley's mother Aria.

Thank you to our loyal and growing family of supporters for making it possible to help hundreds of children in need of vision services and devices every year.

A donation of any amount meaningful to your family makes it possible to match every child and family we serve with one of our Vision Educators as soon as concerns about vision are identified.

Please click over to the DONATE button and donate before the close of our fiscal year June 30, 2022 to help more families like Berkeley and Aubrey and to be listed among our cherished donors.

If you would like to attend our future major donor receptions as well as the May, 2023 Napa trip with PPV, please consider a gift of $2,500 or more. Every dollar matters more than you can imagine to these families.


Aria with son Berkeley using a lightbox device

Aria's daughter Aubrey uses a CCTV device

Aria's son Berkeley is instructed by PPV Bilingual Vision Educator Rosanna Sandoval

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