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"Now Amanda Can See What Everyone Else Sees"

Families from all over Southern California contact Partners for Pediatric Vision to ask for our help with low vision care. Connecting families with eye doctors who can perform low vision evaluations, sitting in on these exams and assisting families in obtaining life-changing low vision devices are all services we provide.

Low vision devices including desktop Electronic Video Magnifiers (EVM's) can enlarge print, enhance contrast and help lessen or eliminate challenges to reading and writing for a child with vision loss. Thanks to our partner Ketchum Health eye doctors who specialize in determining a child’s level of functional vision and a generous grant from the Karl Kirchgessner Foundation, five children who receive services from Partners for Pediatric Vision; Nicholas, Amanda, Avery, Rain and Isabella, were awarded desktop EVM’s. Here’s what our families have to say about the impact of these devices for their child:

“Thank you Partners for Pediatric Vision and others who helped provide an EVM for our daughter. Our school will be 100% distant learning for the whole school year. This amazing device has given her excitement to learn because she can now see what everyone else sees. Thank you so very much!" ~ Amanda’s family

“Thank you so much for all of your help in getting Avery the new EVM. It has been such a blessing! The screen size is perfect, she loves that she can freeze the screen in case she needs more time to copy something from the board and she is able to move the camera arm to see more areas around the room. “ ~ Avery’s mother, Cynthia

Partners for Pediatric Vision connects children to low vision devices and accommodations that take into account age, visual diagnoses, prognosis, learning preferences, physical abilities and more. We assist families in accessing devices or technology through schools, device lending agencies, and special grants and donations. For more information, contact us:


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