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Bringing the Joy of Music to Children with Vision Loss

On June 26, 2022, Eleven children with sight loss who receive vision education and support services from Partners for Pediatric Vision (PPV) gathered together for free ukulele lessons thanks to Notes Bring Hope, a charitable arm of the Asia America Symphony Association (AASA). AASA President Nikki Lennertz gathered Youth Symphony high school musicians led by Mark Fitchett of Fitchett Guitar School in Torrance who introduced the ease and fun of playing ukulele for one of PPV's favorite family events. This is the third Notes Bring Hope music lesson dedicated to enriching the lives of children with disabilities by providing this hands-on musical experience. Siblings were invited to join in the lessons alongside their sister or brother with vision loss. The ukuleles were generously donated to each child thanks to AASA so they can continue to practice and enjoy the joy of making music.

Partners for Pediatric Vision’s Founder, Tori Schladen shared, “This experience has a positive impact on the children’s self-expression and self-esteem, developing their coordination, rhythm and concentration. It is a time to overcome challenges and shine. We are grateful to AASA for sharing the gift of playing music with our children who have vision loss. It empowers them to learn that you don’t have to have sight to play and enjoy music.”

Participant Jeremy's family shared," Sunday was the first time we all went out as a family for an extended period of time since Jeremy's recent illness. We had a great time learning the ukulele and practiced once we got home too. It was a perfect outing for us!"


Notes Bring Hope is a charitable arm of the Asia America Symphony Association (AASA), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation. Notes Bring Hope shares the gift of music with economically or physically disadvantaged children through various programs including music therapy and music camps. Contact President, Nikki G. Lennertz (310) 749-1962, with any questions.


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