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Aircraft Touch Tour is Hands-on Fun for Children with Visual Impairment

Thanks to the Western Museum of Flight (WMOF) at the Torrance Airport, children with vision loss and their families who receive services from Partners for Pediatric Vision (PPV) enjoyed an up-close experience with aircraft and space exploration on June 26th, 2022. Cynthia Macha, Museum Executive Director, gathered knowledgeable docents who welcomed our children and families and led them through experiences that included sitting in the cockpit of a fighter jet and exploring engines, missiles and model aircraft. What a thrill!

Children who receive services from Partners for Pediatric Vision learn experientially because of their vision loss. Hands-on opportunities like the tour of WMOF are an ideal learning experience as well as a fun family event where parents of children with visual impairment can meet one another. The Touch Tour is one of our annual events that connects families to enrichment opportunities in communities throughout Southern California. We are grateful to Cynthia and the WMOF for their collaboration.


The Western Museum of Flight is a non-profit, educational institution dedicated to preserving and displaying aircraft history and artifacts of Southern California's aviation heritage. The Air Museum's educational programs give children an opportunity to see and touch the airplanes that made aviation history. The Western Museum of Flight's collection includes numerous Warbirds, aircraft and target drones, piston and jet aircraft engines, aircraft components, aircraft ejection seats, World War II instruments, aircrew accessories, and an extensive model aircraft collection.


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