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English Brochure
Partners for Pediatric Vision Brochure
Spanish Brochure
Folleto en español de Partners for Pediatric Vision.
iPad Apps
iPad Apps for Children with Special Needs and/or Visual Impairment
Keeping Glasses On
Here are some suggestions on how to keep glasses on young children
Poner y Mantener Lentes en Niños Pequeños
Sugerencias para poner y mantener lentes en niños pequeños
CVI Packet
Learn about CVI and activities for Phase I, II, and III.
CVI en Español
Aprenda mas sobre el Impedimento de la Corteza Visual (CVI).
Patching Activities
Here is a list of Activities from the book "My New Eye Patch-A Book for Parents and Children" by Nancy Chernus-Mansfield, Ph.D.
Touch & Feel Books
A list of Touch and Feel Books recommended by our team.
List of Books
Here is a list of books for children to learn about glasses, patching and visual impairments
Toys from Round the House
Take ordinary household items and turn them into visually stimulating toys.
Dilation of the Eye
Learn the importance of dilation for children at their eye exams.
Dilatación del Ojo
Aprenda la importancia de la dilatación de los ojos de su niño pequeño.
Story Box Overview
A Story Box is a way for young children with visual impairment to experience a story.
From Paths to Literacy
Story Box List by Suzi Newbold
A list of Books with examples of objects for a Story Box.
Journey on a Busy Highway
The packet will provide you with resources and information on your journey with children who are blind or visually impaired
Un Viaje en Una Carretera muy Transitada
Este paquete le proporcionara con recursos e información en su viaje con niños que son ciegos o con discapacidad visual.
Q. for Eye Doctors
PPV has compiled a list of questions to ask your child's eye doctors.
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Story Box List by Suzi Newbold

A list of Books with examples of objects for a Story Box.

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