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“Wonderful to be able to support a wonderful organization!”

-Susie Lines

"Thank you for the life changing services you provide to children and their families."
 -Judith Harris

"Your vision and the vision you help provide these children is truly inspiring." -Tracey Hornbuckle

"What a gift to have such caring people dedicate themselves to this worthwhile cause. God Bless you all for your compassion and proven results."

-Amy and Tom Ricci

"Want to support a very dedicated team at PPV!" 

-Joanne Peterson

"Partners for Pediatric Vision provides incredible services to the children in our communities. Thanks so much for what you are doing! -Nancy Dilger

"Happy to help keep kids in sight!" -Tony and Becky Yamata

"Congratulations on all the good work you do!" -Liz Knight

"Thank you for all you do for children with vision loss."

"Thank you for making a difference in the lives of children." -Kathy Siegel

"In Support of your wonderful staff and important work!"

-Karen Connolly

"Thank you Partners for Pediatric Vision!" -John Bucher


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