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  • Download our latest Brochure /Descargar nuestro último Folleto
  • Descargar "Dilatación del Ojo"
  • Download "Dilation of the Eye and Why it is Helpful"
  • Download "Getting and Keeping Glasses on Young Children"
  • Descargar "Poner y Mantener Lentes en los Ninos Pequnos
  • Download "Books Recommended by PPV"
  • Download "CVI Packet"
  • Descargar "Impedimento de la Corteza Visual (CVI)"
  • Creating Literacy Opportunities for Children with Visual Impairment 
  • Download "Journey on a Busy Highway"
  • Toys from Round the House ​​by Sheri Moore
  • Descargar "Un Viaje en una Carretera muy Transitada"
  • iPad Apps for Children with Special Needs and/or Visual Impairment

2019 Annual Report

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